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Fine art meets conservation with (mostly) CC0 licensing
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Welcome! Our mission is to bring the best artists in the world together to create art to benefit global conservation efforts. We're closely partnered with two leading elephant non-profits, Save the Elephants and Saving Ganesh, and welcome collaborations with other conservation organizations.
  • Beautiful and unique art editions from blue-chip NFT artists for conservation causes
  • Most cards have CC0 licensing (check the meta-data for specific cards)
  • Card holders get access to future drops and the possibility of free airdrops
  • Transparent use of funds: 50% to charity, 25% to artists, and 25% to our treasury
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From the artist: "Going off the legends of the elephant graveyard, having an elephant survive and live a life long enough to choose the time and place of its own death can be seen as a good end."
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