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Welcome to the Untamed voting and proposal platform, version 0.1. Your Untamed NFTs give you weighted voting power over key decisions from the Untamed team and new proposals from the community. To check your herd power, visit My Herd.

Decision: Increase Royalties to 10% and Donate Half to Elephants

Our royalties currently stand at 7.5% with 1/3rd (2.5%) of the amount pledged to elephant charity. Herd pham CMART has proposed increasing royalties to 10% in order to donate 1/2 of that (5%) to elephant charity. They also hope to increase retention. Some counter arguments are that this may encourage people to use lower-royalty platforms like Blur/Pools and that our royalties generate very little revenue anyway. What do you think? Discuss in our Discord and vote. Voting ends next Stampede Sunday.

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